Human Brain: A Miracle, Dr Emdad Khan


Human Brain: A Miracle, Dr Emdad Khan

We talk about heart, lung and brain. We heard someone was brain dead.

Someone gets paralyzed, someone in a coma. It seems part of his/her brain is not properly functioning.

Let us talk about the human Brain, the amazing 86 billion nerve cells, neurons.

Our brain is protected by the skull. It is the central control system, how we think, feel, learn, and do, it works 7/24 hours, even when we sleep.

Our brain is 86 million neurons, with the spinal cord making up our nervous system. The spinal cord is a major pathway that runs up and down our back. Messages at a speed of 430 km / hr from the brain through nerves control every small and large action by all sensing organs, what we can imagine.

The 3 main parts of the brain are the cerebrum, cerebellum, and brain stem.

Together the 3 parts in an extreme coordinated way balance and control all of our actions, thinking, emotions, blood, breathing, digesting, anything we can imagine.

Human brain more complex than million computers.

Let us think how Allah swt created us as the most beloved and intelligent creation.

Let us know ourselves and know our Creator. We are His representatives in the earth and let us work to fulfill this duty so when we depart at the end of short life. He is pleased with us. Ameen.