Optimistic and Pessimistic in Life, Dr Emdad Khan


Optimistic and Pessimistic in Life, Dr Emdad Khan

We all have some friends and relatives who are happy, self confirm, motivated, positive and optimistic.

We see others stressed, anxious, distressed and feel Pessimistic when something goes wrong.

Life always has some challenges, goes up and down. For some people, it is easy and smiling, the way they think. Upbeat and self confident people see the world and look at themselves makes all the difference.

They lead a great life as they are in control of their mind and thinking.

Life has a bright side, also real life is a mix of good, bad, ugly, challenging situations.

We need to change our thinking and mind, that a new problem and challenge will open a new door and will bring a new opportunity.

But must accept that a normal life will have trials and tribulations.

So, we pray Allah SWT gives us patience and prayer to face the challenges and overcome the stress and anxiety.

Let us be optimistic, never despair from the mercy of Him. Ameen.